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Game Server Avatar Updates

The game server finally properly handles avatar update messages. Basically, all avatars are grouped into small areas. These areas align with the land block grid system used by the terrain renderer. As a player moves in and out of a … Continue reading

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Avatar Trade Window

Currently working on the “Trade Window” in my Been There Game client. This will be used to safely trade items between two avatars, or a vendor NPC. To open it, you simply double-click another player’s avatar. If the other avatar … Continue reading

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Terrain Scene Management

The new terrain scene management features are working great! I’ve invested a lot of time and hard work to make this happen. I can now finally knock this huge milestone off the list. The custom client and server architecture is … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Mind Blown Games! I look forward to starting a fresh new year working on Been There Game. I expect good things to come soon!

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What’s Been Going On?

Getting close to finishing up the network driver code for the servers. I’m finding that I want to re-factor a few network related things in the Orion Engine SDK. I’m finally getting close to a new public test of the … Continue reading

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Client Networking

I finally figured out what was causing problems with my network code! Man, that makes me feel good. Wow, I’ve been tracking this issue down for months! The client networking in the game is working pretty efficiently right about now. … Continue reading

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Team Foundation Server 2018

Well, I finally upgraded our source control to Team Foundation Server 2018. Not sure when, or if, I’ll upgrade to Azure DevOps Server 2019. This is a good next step at least, and it’s working pretty nicely. The memory in … Continue reading

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Orion Genesis World Builder

I’ve been working on the Orion Genesis World Builder. The GUI needed some updates, so it would look better on Windows 10. Everything seems to be functioning pretty well now! More updates to follow soon…

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Been a Long Time

Well, it’s been a while since my web site was up and running. Like 5 years or so? LOL.  I miss the Orion Engine, I still think it has great potential! Sometimes life gets in the way, and you simply … Continue reading

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