Spell System

Still working on all of the spell mechanics. New avatar items have been created for each of the spells that can be individually spawned. Still trying to decide where to put the level 1 spells, like in a random chest or on a starter enemy to drop. Once you acquire a spell scroll, you can double-click on it in your backpack to learn it. There’s a list of available spells that you can attempt to cast based on your current skill level. You can also see which spells are currently active and how much longer they will last.

Also smashed some nasty bugs that were a result of changes in the client due to adding multithreading support. I also found a bug in the new list box control that could keep the last item in the list from showing up. The game feels pretty solid now, I hope it stays that way!

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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