Monthly Archives: January 2009

Original Music Downloads

I uploaded some of my original music to the downloads section of my Been There game web site. I’m providing this sample music, so that you that can get an idea of the styles that I’ll be using in my game. The music will also … Continue reading

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Terrain Intersections

I finally got busy and wrote the code that was needed to perform a ray-intersection test with the terrain height map data.  Not only will this be useful for determining where projectiles collide with the ground, I can now also keep the … Continue reading

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Next Wave of Game Testing

The servers are all back online.  We are going to do some more testing again for a little while.  I finished a lot of stuff in the game’s user interface.  I’m really close to actually being able to engage in … Continue reading

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New Game Screen Shots

I’m starting off 2009 by posting some new screen shots of the game that I’ve been working on. I think I’m going to upgrade my WordPress Blog to version 2.7 today. They sure put out a lot of updates, it … Continue reading

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