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Happy New Year 2018!

Well, it’s a new year already!  I look forward to continue working on the Orion Engine SDK and the Been There Game software.  I feel this is going to be a great, productive year! I logged into the game servers … Continue reading

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Christmas Break

Well, I finally have a fairly complete plan for the new network architecture.  I’m hoping to fully utilize my Christmas break, by working on the code!  I pray nothing at my day job comes up, that could steal my time … Continue reading

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Network Code Refactoring

Something that has bugged me for a while is the current implementation of the network driver.  It was never meant to be production code, rather just a foundation to test and work from. The new implementation will use Windows Overlapped … Continue reading

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Web Site Performance

I have several domains and sub-domains that I like to have forwarded to various places on the Orion Engine site.  For example, redirects to  I used to use GoDaddy for this trivial service, but the performance and reliability … Continue reading

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Not very happy with the folks over at Newegg.  I thought I would give them a chance on a recent purchase.  I’ve never used them before.  But now, I don’t think I will ever bother with them again.  They wasted … Continue reading

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SSL VPN Router

It’s time to upgrade the old router.  I really need updated VPN capabilities, so I can access my network while offsite at hotels, etc.  Even if the hotel is not directly blocking VPN ports, IPSec has trouble passing through some … Continue reading

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Asset Manager Application

Finally just about finished with the Asset Manager.  It’s been partially complete for a while now.  Just enough to allow clients to self update from the server when they login. Now I have an application that can be used for … Continue reading

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Bootstrap and the Self Extractor

The old setup bootstrap used to implement a fairly old Visual C Runtime.  This allowed it to run without any dependencies on the platforms that we were targeting.  The new bootstrap is compiled using Visual C++ 2017.  However, I’ve completely … Continue reading

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Entering the ‘Been There’ World Again

I reached a major milestone today!  The game server software suite is working again (now it’s all native 64-bit code) and successfully installed on the new server hardware.  Today, I was finally able to login to the game world again … Continue reading

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3D in the Real World

Finally finished working on this two-gripper robot.  He is one of three in a machine that we recently programmed.  I used some game AI on him, lol.  He is pretty smart.  The customer was pretty impressed. Ok, so robots are … Continue reading

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