Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Limits Scene Object

I finished the new “limits” scene object today. It’s used to show the selection state of objects within the Orion Genesis world builder. It can even be used to visualize a bounding volume within the tool. It’s also going to … Continue reading

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Minor Engine Updates

The core engine code is actually pretty stable now. In fact, I don’t have to make changes to this code very often at all. However, I decided it was time to finally go back and address a few problematic issues … Continue reading

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User Interface Graphics

I’ve been working on some preliminary graphics for the user interface in my MMORPG game. My designs look fairly decent. However, they are not the best that they could be; I’m more of a programmer than an artist. I need … Continue reading

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Hot Servers and Blown Power Supplies

When I came home from eating tonight and walked in the door, I smelled the unique odor of burnt electronics! Oh crap, the computer that was running the Server Manager had a meltdown! Another power supply decided it was going … Continue reading

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Finally Found Server Bug

It’s about time! After several weeks, I finally figured out what was causing my servers to crash. The shared code that makes the application run as a background service had a very obscure problem, one that proved to hide itself … Continue reading

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