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Performance Issue Fix

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately and noticed a new feature that I’ve never really noticed before. An option called “Windowed Borderless” mode. Since exclusive full-screen access was broken in my game by a recent Microsoft patch, this … Continue reading

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Direct3D 11 Refactor

Just about have the new Orion Engine D3D11 driver module finished. Testing should begin soon. I still want to emulate some of the legacy Fixed-Function Pipeline using shaders. I think the generic lighting routines are still useful. Also, FFP processing … Continue reading

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DirectX 11 Support

Finally decided it was time to update the Direct3D video driver currently used by Orion Engine. It seems DirectX9 support in Windows 10 is taking a back seat. Apps no longer run exclusively in full-screen mode, they are now just … Continue reading

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