Client-Server Avatar Movement Updates

I’ve never really been totally happy with how my avatar movements are handled by the client and the server. For one thing, dealing with the inevitable network lag stinks. I’m trying to make the server and the client perform the exact same simulation. This way they should never require much synchronization and/or correction. Unless, of course, the player is cheating.

I also need to finish the shader(s) I’m going to use to emulate the legacy Fixed-Function Pipeline (FFP). Then I can resume testing of the D3D11 driver that I’ve been working on for the engine. I like the simplicity of the Fixed-Function Pipeline, for basic things such as viewport overlays and simple lighting effects. This will all be handled within the engine’s Render State Manager. Thus, keeping this functionality will not add complexity to any of our modern video drivers. It should be noted that our D3D9 video driver still works with the current abstraction layer. Although, this will likely change in the future as the older drivers are deprecated and newer features are implemented.

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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