Networking Code

I finally feel the game’s network code is very stable. I found a pretty major bug on Christmas day that would cause file downloads to randomly stall. It had been nagging me for a while. Of course, this severely hurt my update system. Fixing it made me very excited! Then today, I found the remaining bug! All I can say is… sweet! Wireshark sure is a great tool, lol.

I updated my test client, and test server applications to really put the code library through the loops. I can send HUGE files back and forth, create an exponential feedback loop of data, send malformed packets, small packets, big packets, too many packets, too few packets, etc. It helped me uncover a few issues, including a fairly nasty concurrency issue that would cause the server to puke and write it’s minidump.

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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