Been There Game

"Been There Game"

Been There is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that is being developed by the independent game studio Mind Blown Games.  The game utilizes the Orion Engine, our very own proprietary software development kit (SDK).

Been There is still under development.  Much of the story is still waiting to be written, and the game play elements are still being designed.  It's going to be a "Dungeons and Dragons" style game.  It will be played much like the old Asheron's Call game (originally created by Turbine and published by Microsoft) that our close friends used to love and play so much.  It will likely be set in the Medieval times, perhaps with a slight Mayan architecture influence.  Lots of armor, weapons and magic spells with cool effects will all be found in the game.  The worlds will ultimately encompass huge terrains, with many buildings, dungeons and caves for the adventurous to explore.

Listen to the game introduction: BeenThereIntro.mp3 (1.09 MB)

We also have some sample music in the downloads section.

Check out the story so far...

"Learn, evolve, and fight the valiant fight to send evil back to its place!"

Been There Game - Screen Shot

If you are interested in becoming a potential investor, or beta tester, then please let us know.

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Been There
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