Enemy NPC Avatars

Finally! Everything is coming together in the game to the point where I can finally work on the combat system. Now that the code for the friendly NPCs is progressing well, I’m starting to work out all of the details for the enemy NPC. It moves through the pipeline a little differently than the other avatars. I’ve been very pleased this week with my progress, because most of the required code is in place now! Although incomplete, I’m leaving in the proper hooks, so that I can also later add “player killer” features (i.e. un-friendly players).

Another new addition to Been There is the skill system. Experience points (XP) can now be applied towards the player’s available attributes. Skills can also be opened up (at a cost, of course) for further training.

The Orion Engine continues to live, and it sure is rocking and rolling!

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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