Asset Manager Application

Finally just about finished with the Asset Manager.  It’s been partially complete for a while now.  Just enough to allow clients to self update from the server when they login.

Now I have an application that can be used for more robust asset revision control.  It has the ability to get the latest assets from the server share, and to send the latest to the server.  Only the data that needs to be sent over the network will be transferred.  There is also the concept of a “live” folder, where the current game resources are held.  This can be synchronized with the share folder, when it comes time to release a new game patch.  The application can also generate a new file list for the setup program.  It can also zip up the asset folder(s) for backup purposes.  It’s going to make life a lot easier, especially when the number of assets continue to grow!

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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