Booting Up The Old Hard Drives

Finally have everything updated and running in 64-bit.  I ran into some rather interesting scenarios where what worked in 32-bit, didn’t fly at all in 64-bit.  Anyway, it’s too hard and boring to explain here (lol).  The good thing is, all of the fixes that I came up with actually still work with Win32/x86.  So, I didn’t have to scatter a bunch of conditional compilation logic throughout the code.  Actually, all in all we did a pretty good job of writing code that was ready for the 64-bit transition.

OK, so this should have been done years ago.  But this was a major undertaking, because the Orion Engine codebase is huge!  Heck, just Orion Script alone is a pretty large SDK itself.  Orion Genesis is starting to become pretty deep too.

Oh yeah, I finally found my texture library on an old server/computer that was stored in the basement.  I’m pretty stoked.  Because I spent many years putting that library together, mostly from photos that I had taken over the years.  I’ve got some pretty nice tiles in there!

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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