Win64 and my ENTIRE weekend!

Well, I got the engine SDK, and all of the tools and applications running again under Visual Studio 2017.  Now, I’m trying to convert everything from the older Win32 (x86) architecture, over to the Win64 (x64) architecture.  Actually, I’m making it so you can build either 32-bit and/or 64-bit Windows applications.  All of the MDK drivers now have 64-bit versions as well.  All of the codecs (jpeg, tiff, png, exr, zlib, etc.) are the latest versions and successfully build as 64-bit.  The 3ds Max exporter is fully 64-bit UNICODE now, built against the 2017 Max SDK.

I spent the whole weekend updating the SDK and the MDK.  Now I just need to update all of the Been There servers and applications to 64-bit.  I’ll need some rest soon too, lol.  All of this upgrading has my head spinning!

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