Animation System

I was planning on adding a chest that can be opened into Been There Game. However, I discovered that my keyframed animation system was not working totally correct. To deal with rotations that don’t happen around the object’s center, I realized that an optional offset transformation would need to be added to the nodes in the Orion Engine mesh file format. Luckily, this part was easy due to my “chunk” based mesh file format. All existing files still work as intended. However, I’m not going to lie; updating the scene objects in the engine proved difficult. The matrix math involved with the hierarchy of 3D transformations and rotations was hurting my head for quite a bit, but I finally have it all properly worked out. This new “feature” changed the way that my bounding volume checks and intersection tests must be handled. But, it ended up being a lot simpler to implement than I had originally feared.

I also made a lot of improvements to the engine’s exporter to fully deal with the object offsets and/or pivot points. The animation export has also been further optimized, to deal with redundant keyframes.

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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