Bounding Volumes, Server Hardware, etc.

I’ve been working on a glitch in the engine that caused the root level bounding volume not to be created, if the node didn’t have any vertices.  When merging the bounding volumes in a hierarchy, the top-level node should represent the entire object.

I decided to split the current game databases into two separate servers.  I want to make sure we have great performance with all of the constant data that the game servers will be generating.

I’ve also been documenting the network topology that I currently have implemented.  It’s a pretty interesting setup that I believe will work quite well.  I like the way more servers can be easily added, as demand increases.

I’m going to continue working on the code for the servers this weekend.  I want to get my multi-threading ideas in place before I actually bring the game back online.  This, along with all the new re-purposed server hardware I’ve been collecting, should make the application run very smooth!

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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