Skinned Mesh Support

I’ve been working a lot on the skinned mesh support in the engine lately.  I was having a problem with the engine’s 3ds Max exporter crashing when you exported a mesh that contained physique, but I have that fixed now.  If you tried to export a skinned mesh that was not already triangulated (i.e. a NURBs surface), then the number of skinned vertices would not match the number of vertices actually in the mesh data.

I also added some new features to the .fx effect file importer in the world builder.  There were some issues that needed worked out, so that I could load the effect file that is going to be used to render the skinned meshes.

So, I finally have all of the data that I need.  Now I just need to finish the skinned mesh support in the mesh object itself.

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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