Exporting Effects

I’m just about finished adding “DirectX Shader” material support to my 3ds Max exporter plug-in.  All of the effect parameters that you specify in the rollout will get exported with the subsets of a mesh.  I had to add new features to the Orion Engine SDK to support this.  The new parameter system that I recently added to the mesh file loader can also be used to easily store user-defined parameters with each of the meshes.

I’m taking the top-down approach to finishing the engine’s effect handling.  I plan on finishing the exporter soon.  All of the new mesh data is being saved and loaded.  Next I need to update the core mesh object to support all of the new things that are exported from the exporter.  Once I have that working, then I’m going to start adding some of the new functionality to the game!

I may be slow lately, but everything’s coming together very nicely.  These things have all required a lot of planning and deep thought.

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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