Gatekeeper Server Corruption

It’s inevitable, the more computers that you own, the more problems you are going to have!

There were a few power outages recently that took their toll on the Gatekeeper server’s file system.  It wasn’t worth fixing, so I went ahead and installed a fresh copy of Fedora 10 Linux.  I need to get a battery backup for this computer!  Anyway, I luckily had a current backup of all the important data.  Everything is back to normal now.

I want to install Fedora 11 once it’s released.  I think I’m going to install a fresh copy, since I’ve had problems in the past with upgrading.  While I was rebuilding the server this time, I kept better notes on how to do everything again; so that it will be even easier the next time to get the server setup exactly like I want it.

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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