Primitive Mesh Objects

I need the procedurally generated mesh primitives in the engine to support shader effects.  For example, in the Orion Genesis material editor the basic primitives are used to preview the currently selected effect.  Well, in order to support effects that use texture maps, the primitives need to have at least one set of UV coordinates in each of the vertices.  So I’ve been spending a little time lately adding this support to the engine.  I finished adding UV coordinates to the box shape, and am nearly finished with the sphere.  The problem with the sphere and/or ellipsoid is the texture is being applied backwards.  It looks great; I just have to reverse it.  For some reason, this is easier said then done!  I’ll figure it out; I guess it’s just getting late.

I’m probably going to keep working on Orion Genesis for a little while longer.  There are a few more things that I need to finish.  I added a new screen shot to the Orion Genesis web page that shows a simple lighting effect on the sphere primitive.  The vertex normals generate very smooth shading, and the UV coordinates merge nicely at the poles!

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