Team Foundation Server – Up & Running

The new server hardware is up and running now.  It’s a Pentium dual-core system with 2GB of RAM.  This box will be used as the new source code repository.  It’s running Team Foundation Server 2010.  I used to use the database server to host Visual Source Safe 2005.  But now, the existing database server is just going to be used for the game databases only.

All of the Orion Engine solutions and projects are now converted to Visual Studio 2010.  Also, everything has been successfully added to Team Foundation Server 2010.  Once the source code tree grew really large, Visual Source Safe just became too slow and cumbersome for remote developers to use.  I’ll be able to use my new Team Foundation Server to allow outside developers/partners to easily access portions and/or all of the local source code repository.

About Eric DeBrosse

Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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