Custom 3ds Max Exporter

I updated the Orion Engine 3ds Max exporter plug-in to work with 3ds Max 2010 (R12).  There were some changes with how assets are enumerated, i.e. texture files, effect files, etc.  The latest changes were implemented as a conditional compilation, based on which 3ds Max SDK is selected to build against.  In fact, I can now easily build the plug-in for many versions/releases of 3ds Max, all using the same source code tree.  The recent progress that I’ve made with the exporter makes me very pleased.  I added a new screen shot of the exporter running on Windows Vista in 3ds Max 2010 to the Orion Genesis home page.  Now I need to get back to finishing the integration of the new effect system with the material editor in Orion Genesis.  I may be busy during the month of May!

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Lead developer of the Orion Engine.
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