Synthesizer Finally Repaired!

After over 9 weeks waiting for warranty repair, a ridiculously long time, I finally got my Roland Fantom G6 back! I sure hope I don’t ever have to return it for repair any time soon.

Let me tell you, it’s a good thing it was finally fixed. I was starting to get very pissed off over the whole matter. After all the times I bugged Roland on the phone, I never got one straight answer. It was always, “let me check on that and call you back”. But in reality, that translated into “we will probably be too busy to call you back, but let me tell you that we will call anyway”. It appears they were hoping that it would buy them another week or two. I was about to contact the Attorney General in California where Roland is located. Maybe the Better Business Bureau could have helped. There is no reason why any warranty repair should take this long. People shouldn’t have to put up with this crap when something is so new. I don’t care if the part is coming from Japan.  I’ve shipped things there, and it sure didn’t take anywhere near that long. But what I’m being told is that most companies are too big anymore to take care of their customers. It’s simply not physically possible anymore, I guess. Companies should not be allowed to grow this large. This is simply absurd. If they are that busy, then they should have plenty of money to treat a customer right. It’s not like they couldn’t afford to repair my unit. They could have exchanged it for a whole new synthesizer. They have been in stock nationwide this whole time, I’ve been checking. Also, they could have paid for shipping the replacement part by air, instead of a slow boat from Japan. Heck, they could have even offered to extend my warranty for the length of time it was in repair. My warranty shouldn’t slowly tick away while I’m not able to use it. Instead, they chose to not offer me anything; not even a courtesy call to ease my mind.

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