Still Waiting For Synthesizer Repair

I’m still waiting to get my new Roland Fantom G6 back from repair. The service center is still waiting for Roland to ship them the replacement part. That sucks, because I want to play my keyboard pretty bad.

I wrote a fair, unbiased, review on the keyboard for the Guitar Center web site. They said it may take up to 5 days before it appears, but I’ve been waiting for a while. It sounds like they don’t want to post it because it actually contains pros and cons. The con being that I feel the new display technology is fragile. I also feel that a 90 day labor warranty is too short for such an expensive piece. The review that they have on their web site right now is useless. The reviewer said “havent had a chance to play”, that is so funny. It was probably written by someone who works there. I should have known an honest review wouldn’t get posted.

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