Using the Orion Engine SDK

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This section describes how to use and/or develop applications using the Orion Engine SDK framework.

Getting Started

The Orion Engine SDK contains many solutions and sub-projects, all of which have different installation requirements

Note: More information, such as the following, will be defined at a later date.

  • Installation process
  • Software dependencies
  • Latest releases
  • API references

Build and Test

This section describes how to build the code and run the applications.

Solution Build Order:

  • OrionCodecs
  • Orion SDK
  • OrionRayTracer
  • OrionTool SDK
  • Orion MDK
  • OrionScript
  • OrionGenesis

After building the above solutions, you should have all of the Orion Engine drivers and libraries required to build any of the other tools and/or applications.


Some of the Orion Engine tool applications have additional dependencies. For example, the 3ds Max exporter requires the 3ds Max SDK. In order to build all of the plug-ins for Orion Genesis, the version 9.0c D3DX headers and libraries are required. Note that "Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)" is the last SDK that was created for version 9 of DirectX. All of these additional files are usually placed within the "OrionEngine" folder, in a folder named "Others". Note that this is the same folder that has the "Orion", "OrionApps" and "OrionTools" sub-folders. For the exact path of the individual libraries and headers, view the properties of the project in question.

More Information

(See also: Getting the Orion Engine SDK, Using the Orion Genesis World Builder and Using the Orion Script IDE)