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Orion Engine is an advanced, cross-platform, real-time 3D rendering SDK (software development kit) and tool set.  The main target audience for this product is the entertainment software industry, or more specifically, game development companies.  However, any application developer that could benefit from using 3D rendering technology might find our software development kit extremely useful. Architectural walkthroughs, virtual tours, visualizations, kiosks, and medical imaging applications are just a few great examples. Create killer C++ applications, in a shorter amount of time, without having to worry about all of the low level details!

Note that the development kit does not stop at just rendering. You can also create high capacity client/server applications! Supports many different input controllers, such as an Xbox controller, etc. Play back high quality sounds and samples. Extensive plug-in system. Native 64-bit code, no 3rd-party requirements. Essentially everything that you need!

Unlock the Power of the Universe!

See the Orion Engine Wiki for more details on this product.  Check out the Orion Engine Blog for the current development status.  Visit the Been There Game web site for information on the game we're working on.

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