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Consult the main [http://www.orionengine.com/ Orion Engine] web site for further information.
Consult the main [http://www.orionengine.com/ Orion Engine] web site for further information.
== General Information ==
== General Information ==
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Copyright © 2012 [http://www.mindblowngames.com/ Mind Blown Games]
Copyright © 2017 [http://www.mindblowngames.com/ Mind Blown Games]
All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

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The Orion Engine Wiki

Orion Engine is an advanced, cross-platform, real-time 3D rendering software development kit and tool set. The main target audience for this product is the entertainment software industry, or more specifically, game development companies. However, any application developer that could benefit from using 3D rendering technology might find our software development kit extremely useful. Architectural walkthroughs, virtual tours, visualizations, kiosks, and medical imaging applications are just a few great examples.

The carefully crafted Orion Engine code has been designed from the ground up to be fast. All of the applications, drivers, plug-ins and libraries were written primarily using object oriented C++ code. Where performance is critical, native processor-specific inline assembly language routines have been implemented. Applications built using the Orion Engine framework can be expected to perform well under the most demanding conditions.

Please note that the development of the software development kit is still in the alpha stage. However, you can expect to see some demo applications coming soon! We are also working on an indie MMORPG project called Been There Game that utilizes the Orion Engine technology. A public beta of this product will be available in the near future.

Consult the main Orion Engine web site for further information.

General Information

Getting Started

Creating Applications

  • Using the Orion Engine SDK
  • Creating a Simple Application

Creating Modules

  • Using the Orion Engine MDK
  • Creating Platform Specific Drivers
  • Creating Orion Genesis Plug-ins
  • Creating Orion Script IDE Plug-ins

Generating Content

Useful External Links

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