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Orion Genesis is the world builder that is used with the Orion Engine.  This world builder manages all aspects of content creation for our engine.  The tool is completely plug-in based, thus making it extremely extensible and easily suited to a user's exact needs.  The application could potentially be used with other products, if custom plug-ins were developed and/or made available.

Support for the import and export of many different media types is already included in the standard plug-ins.  We have created custom exporters for Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya that can be used to export full scenes, paths, animations and/or mesh objects directly to the Orion Engine mesh file format.

A clever plug-in system has been designed for introducing new custom scene objects into the application.  All custom object parameters that were defined will be automatically available, and can be fully modified, directly within the tool.  An entirely new scene graph concept could even be introduced through the use of plug-ins, if so desired.

Orion Genesis World Builder - Screen Shot

Orion Genesis World Builder - Screen Shot

"Orion Genesis World Builder"

Orion Engine Mesh File Exporter for 3ds Max

"Orion Engine Mesh File Exporter for 3ds Max"


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