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>>> Client Download <<<

NOTE: The game client download is currently disabled.

Sorry, but the game is not yet available for beta testing with the general public. However, if you are interested in helping to test the software, then please contact us.

>>> Sample Music <<<

NOTE: The following songs are available for licensing, or I can write new ones specifically tailored to your exact needs. Please contact me if you are interested in discovering what I can do for your next big multimedia project!

I'm providing some of my sample music here, so that you can get an idea of the styles of music that we'll be using in the game. Actually, I'll be pulling from many genres for ideas. The music will also give you an idea of the excellent sound quality that I can achieve from my modern studio.  Note that I may release other songs from my massive collection here in the future!

The following are examples of some of the ambient music that you might hear in the game:

Gothic.mp3 (1.69 MB) - Something you might hear when walking into a temple, or a church, in the game.

MercyBooCoo.mp3 (1.89 MB) - A dark and spooky song inspired by the talented Danny Elfman, who does a lot of cool soundtracks for big Hollywood movies.

Limbus.mp3 (2.09 MB) - An unknown journey, set in a windy and mystical place.

Raining.mp3 (2.70 MB) - Picture in your mind, a hike through a dense tropical rain forest, full of wildlife.

BeenThere.mp3 (3.59 MB) - A nicely orchestrated tune that takes you on a journey as it progresses.

BeenThereIntro.mp3 (1.09 MB) - The introduction to the game (music with a voice-over).

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